Faro releases Hybrid Reality Capture

Hybrid Reality Capture - Point Cloud with Flash Technology Scan

Faro releases Hybrid Reality Capture

Faro’s ‘Flash Technology’ combines ‘fast scans’ with colourised 360° images to improve scanning speed by 100%

Faro Technologies has released ‘Hybrid Reality Capture’, a new technology that combines the accuracy of the Faro Focus Premium Laser Scanner with the speed of a panoramic camera. According to Faro, it allows users to complete up to two weeks of on-site work in just one week.

Hybrid Reality Capture is a new scan mode for users of Faro’s Focus Premium Laser Scanners. Powered by Flash technology, it combines ‘fast scans’ with colourised 360° images.

According to Faro, Flash Technology will enable more frequent, faster data capture, requiring only 30 seconds per scan. The company explains that by using proprietary smart upscaling algorithms, the output includes all collected images and points captured by a Ricoh Theta Z1 360° camera and Focus Premium Laser Scanner, resulting in full-colour scans that look more crisp than the same resolution scans with traditional methods.

Matthew Davies, senior account manager at Faro, posted a video on LinkedIn that shows a scan he captured in 12 minutes 51 seconds using the new Flash Technology.

It comprises 15 scans and includes a 3.5-minute calibration scan in full colour, plus tripod moves. Processing, registration and project point cloud creation took another 30 minutes 38 seconds, he writes.

“Hybrid Reality Capture is a best-of-both-worlds innovation that will improve on-site productivity and deliver state-of-the-art colourised visual clarity at a highly affordable price,” said Faro President and CEO Michael Burger.

“Industries that have made tradeoffs between capturing 3D data accurately or quickly have been waiting for this hybrid solution and we are excited to bring it to our markets.”

Source: https://aecmag.com

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