Astrata Slats: easy to install decorative slats

Astrata Slats: easy to install decorative slats


The veneered slats of the Astrata Slats collection effortlessly add an extra dimension to any interior. They are easy to install and create a amazing decorative effect in any room. Ideal for a beautiful project in private homes or offices.

“On the walls, as a room divider or on the ceiling.”

Astrata slats are veneered beams for decorative interior purposes. The wooden beams give the interior a dynamic without being overly overwhelming. “Astrata slats” are always made to order and can be obtained in the most diverse types of wood, starting from 150 equal pieces.

The three-sided beams still have to be mounted on an underlying structure. This can be done in various ways such as gluing, nailing, wood dowels or with a groove and connecting lath. Drillings or a groove can be provided as an option. The four-sided beams are veneered all round and can therefore be used as a separate element. A series of beams can thus, form a semi-transparent partition to divide a space.

The wooden slats of Astrata Slats can be used as wall covering in the interior as well as for wall decoration, as room divider or for ceiling decoration. Besides, you can use them vertically, horizontally or diagonally to create a trendy and very decorative play of lines. By combining different sizes, an extra dynamic effect is created, yet with the necessary subtlety.

Three-sided or four-sided veneer

The materials of the Astrata Slats are a combination of solid strength and refined quality: the MDF core is covered with a high-quality veneer finish. You can choose between slats veneered on three sides or slats veneered on four sides. The three-sided version is perfectly suited as wall decoration or for mounting against the ceiling. If you want to use Slats for a stand-alone room divider, you need the all-around veneered version.

The Astrata slats come in a wide range of wood types and the installation is easy.

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