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Do you need a simple but effective way to heat your house? Use underfloor heating systems!

Underfloor heating systems, which can be found on the market today, are the result of the latest technological advances. This technology helps you to adjust the temperature in your room so that you would be able to enjoy the desired heat and keep your energy bills to a minimum. It is the most effective heating option compared to some of the traditional heating systems that had been used for centuries. But now everyone can benefit from new technologies!

underfloor heating systems

The main reason these underfloor systems are the first choice in the world today, it is because they offer a high level of comfort. Read all post…

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NY Post: Mattress Firm in talks to buy Sleep Train

HOUSTON — Mattress Firm, the nation’s largest chain of sleep shops, is in talks to acquire fellow Top 100 retailer Sleep Train, according to a story in today’s New York Post.

The Post story said the deal, which would combine two of the four largest bedding specialty chains, would be an all-stock transaction worth about $200 million.

Publicly traded Mattress Firm has more than 1,200 company-owned and franchised locations. The company had sales of $904.7 million for the nine months ended Oct. 29 and is projecting revenues of more than $1.2 billion for the fiscal year that ends Jan. 28.

Mattress Firm, which was ranked No. 6 on Furniture/Today’s most recent Top 100 list, has been expanding rapidly the past two years through acquisitions and new store openings.

Privately held Sleep Train, No. 19 on the most recent Top 100 rankings, is the largest mattress retailer in the western U.S. w

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Options for New Kitchen Stoves

Kitchen ranges are becoming fancier and more impressive with every generation. The days of wood-burning stoves that had to be stoked and fed early in the morning are long gone, and consumers can not choose incredibly energy efficient models that are safer and pull less energy. When buying new stoves, consumers should look at the features along with other options to find the one thats right for them.

There was a time when all cooktops worked with wood, but that heat source gave way to gas and electricity. Homeowners can now choose between gas, electric and even induction. Gas options are known for reaching higher temperatures, you don?t have to wait for them to heat up and they turn off just as fast. They cook more evenly, and some people wont cook on anything but gas.

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Stone Fireplaces: how to choose, design and maintain

How can you add the aesthetic appeal, tasteful opulence and class to the interior design of your place? What is the most elegant way to bring warmth in your home? What fascinating decorative element combines traditional beauty and functionality? It is a stone fireplace!

Solidity and versatility

When we think about fireplaces, the first association that comes to mind is stone or brick. These solid and impressive structures last for a long time. Stone has been the most popular material for use in various home furnishing and decorations since antiquity. It reflects light, suits for different living areas and can work with any design idea. The best feature of a stone fireplace is its versatility. Simply put, it can be adapted to any environment whether it is located inside or outside the house. Read all post…

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Looking Ahead To Spring

Hello friends! Ive been thinking a lot about spring, have you? I think its because winter hasnt really come yet here in northern Germany its been consistently in the 50s all season so far so we definitely did not have a white Christmas. I must confess though, that being pregnant and walking everywhere as we do this has been a true blessing for me. Today the sky is clear and blue, temps are in the low 50s, and all I can think about is that my baby will soon be born, we move this Thursday, my mother will be flying in this Spring, my next book with Leslie Shewring will be published all about decorating at home with fresh flowers and that I have an entirely new apartment to decorate and share with all of you, including the babys room.

There is so much to be excited about plus my birthday is in March and its always nice to have a birthday even though getting older isnt really what we all crave, it is nice to say that another year of life has passed and that many more are ahead and to ask the question, Whats next?.

So yes, I have spring and all the things that it brings on my mind today.

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How To Design A Sexier Green Light Bulb [Pics]

From the makers of Plumen 001 an alternative to the 60W incandescent light bulb comes the Plumen 002 a designer light bulb that is created especially for places that require dim brightness and warmer tones like bars coffee shops or even the living room.

Like the first version Plumen 002 is a low energy bulb and use less power than regular light bulbs. The Plumen 002 is an alternative to the 30W incandescent bulb and requires less than 25% of the energy to power the latter.

The Plumen 002 is designed to create a cozy atmosphere and because of its contemporary sculpted and defined form adds a somewhat artistic feel to everyday spaces.

The company is currently raising funds for the Plumen 002 on Kickstarter.

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CHRIS SMITH | A seed catalog primer

Seed catalogs have already begun arriving in my mailbox. Because I write garden columns, I’m sent more of them than most people. No matter. Whether I buy from them or not, they’re fun to leaf through.

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